Dec 06

Why Health Policy- Need And Benefits Of Having A Policy Plan

One thinks that since they never had any major illness in the past few years, they would continue to live healthy for many years. There are many aliments which do not manifest themselves in the beginning but erupt suddenly and shake up the whole system. It is then one realises why health policy is required and how can it be useful at the time of need.

Talking of illness, it is possible that the health is constantly threatened by the lifestyle, habits, environmental pollution and adulteration in food and drinks. Due to hectic schedules, long sittings and lack of exercise this would slowly reduces the resistance power. There are many company health plan prevailing in the market which and can be opted as per individual requirement. International health insurance policy is also amongst the most benefited plans. These plans along with safety and security abroad gives piece of mind and make the trip relaxed and stress free. Benefits attached to the best health insurance plan are as follows:

Hospitalisation cover
The insurance company reimburses the medical expenses incurred on hospitalisation for more than 24 hours. These expenses comprises of room rent, O.T charges, medicine cost, diagnostic tests, doctors and surgeons fees etc.

Cashless claims
This is an add on advantage in regards to a health plan. In the cashless system, the insurance company directly settles the expenses with the hospital authority. Hospitals that are in the network list gives cashless treatment, this avoids spending huge amount on treatments.

Pre and post hospitalization expenses
Some plans offer these benefits where the policy holders gets reimbursement for the amount spent 30 days prior and 60 days post hospitalisation.

Family floater plan
In this plan, not only an individual but the entire family can be brought under one single plan. This proves to be a very economical and most opted plan.

Tax benefits
An insured person gets tax benefits u/s 80 (D) of IT act on the premium paid every year.


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