Sep 22

What Does Pharmacy Technician Curriculum Looks Like

The pharmacy technician curriculum is very straight forward, as to the expectations are (both) in the classroom and outside of it. Students have a well-rounded curriculum that is coincides with what the pharmacy technician is faced with, once he or she is on the job. The model curriculum for the pharmacy technician has four major components. Each component allows the pharmacy tech to achieve, and receive an obtainable and reachable career goal.

The components of the model consists of :

1.Job knowledge, and skills the pharmacy tech must have in order to be successful, and the instructional classroom knowledge that on the job training calls for.

2. The curriculum map. This map is an outline of each set of instructions. It displays what learning process will take place at each level, within the model. It shows students progress as the advance through their curriculum, one course at a time.

3. Descriptor for the Models of Instruction. This component of the model lists the objectives that students will receive testing on, once they are outside the classroom, and in a clinical setting.

4. Document tracking. Document tracking is a document outline of each set of instructional being taught, and what function the objectives serve in accordance with student instructional requirement.

The curriculum the pharmacy technician is required to take is a complete, and comprehensive approach to providing the high level of training the tech will need, to do their job skillfully and professionally. The curriculum is a national standardization testing model that is administered by every entity that incorporates a pharmacy technician program. All the course material has been tested and proved by the proper accreditation agencies, and is suitable for any college or university to use as the model for the training of pharmacy technicians.

Courses are divided into semesters or terms, this depends on what school, college, or university the student is attending, or will be attending. One of the core classes that are required for the pharmacy tech certificate is Natural Science. Students will need to receive at least 16 credits in this area of study. Natural sciences include biology, anatomy and physiology. Math is another prerequisite of the core classes that prospective students must take.


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