Mar 22

Health Risks Associated With Breast Implants

The Feel Good Factor

Breast augmentation has been around for quite a while now, with many women opting for this to improve their appearance. The problem is that while this may make the person feel good about herself, it can also cause serious damage to the body. The common complaint amongst some women who are small breasted and opt for larger breasts is that they end up putting a lot of constraints on the back. This can result in acute upper back and sometime lower back problems that cannot be done away with unless one removes the silicone. Another fact to note is that it can rupture and contract the tissue around the implant which is not only painful but also causes some form of disfiguring. Today’s woman ensures that she is in tip-top condition; some take a step forward with recreating a different appearance with plastic surgery. If the results are natural and positive for the individual, well and good. But if there is an unfortunate botched up job, it can lead not only to spending large quantities of hard earned cash but also fail to rectify the problem. Changing one’s appearance would require the expertise of a skilled surgeon who knows his or her way around the body.

The After Effects

There are various health risks associated with breast implants like a hematoma, inflammation, deflation of the saline like implant, asymmetry, an acute pain in the breast area, seroma, immense discomfort, extra sensitivity in the nipples, sagging, displacement of the implant thereby resulting in stress on the body especially the back etc. If the surgery has gone awry it may call for a change in the implant, thereby making an additional surgery mandatory. This is because of complications due to various reasons and the longer the implants remain, the more the chances of long term ramifications. Playing around with the body is bound to have an adverse effect and further cosmetic changes will not do the trick.

One must also remember that there are no guarantees with the surgery and a reoperation may be required if there is a problem with the first one. The solution is simple really! Not everyone has the ability to get the body that he or she wants, so the next best thing to do is to exercise and achieve the shape that one desires. But in the modern world, where technological advancements make everything instantaneous, no one wants to work hard or wait. Thus, they opt for such quick fix methods. Breast augmentation is a seemingly quick and easy solution to the problem of a flat chest. Being happy with the way one looks is not just an option these days, but a distinct possibility because of methods that supposedly work.


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