Dec 18

Designing A Pharmacy

Pharmacy operation is a fast growing business. Becoming a pharmacist or running a pharmacy is a high growth opportunity but running a successful pharmacy requires more than just a doctorate degree in Pharmacology or an MBA in business. It takes a good pharmacy design.

You are going to need a good layout and one that makes sense aesthetically and practically. You are going to need pharmacy shelving, drawers, and many more pieces of hardware like slatwall panels and hooks.

The first thing you should consider when designing a pharmacy is workspace. Your pharmacists are going to need a place to do the actual counting of pills, bottling them, and packing them up. You will need a counter for this. But if you are working in a small space you are going to want this counter to pull double duty. You should consider purchasing a rolling workstation that has a counter space area for working but also has drawers and storage underneath for keeping finished prescriptions waiting for pickup or just for holding large bottles and boxes.

You will need to be very careful about your pharmacy shelving. You want everything to have a place and always be in its place but you need to be wary of what prescription drugs are visible to the public and where you keep some of the merchandise. You are going to want a few different aisles behind the pickup and drop off window. You are also going to want it to look nice. It is not going to instill confidence in your customers if the pharmacy looks disheveled and messy.

Be sure that there is enough room to reasonably work. Have you ever worked in a small space and ended up spilling something important or breaking something? Maybe you just knocked things over. Regardless, this can be incredibly costly when you are running and working in a pharmacy. You don’t want to scatter around medications that can cost upwards of fifty dollars per pill. You also don’t want to be taking any chances with someone’s medication that could be medically necessary to sustain life!

That is not to say that people’s lives are in jeopardy from a poorly designed pharmacy but you don’t want any of your employees or your customers to have a bad experience in your establishment. So the right storage and display equipment is necessary. Make sure your pharmacy design is conducive to business.


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