Feb 25

Creating A Pharmacy Merchant Account

If a business wants to accept debit and credit cards then it must have a merchant account. It is a service availed by the business with any local bank. In case the business is unable to get it through a local bank then he has to avail it from some other bank that is located outside his country. Most of the pharmacy products fall under high risk category because something that is legal in one country might be a banned product in some other country. Thus in case you are dealing with pharmacy you might have to opt for pharmacy merchant account. The process of setting up an offshore merchant account is similar to that of setting up a normal merchant account within the country. Like submitting an application with the details required by the bank, showing the documents related to the business and license etc. In this case they might ask for some extra documents asking for permission from your country but that depends upon the banks. Some may ask less others may ask more legal documents. Finding the right bank is very important because they will be handling the finances. Thus it’s best to do proper research before committing to one. Secondly it’s important to look out for the kind of service they provide and whether it will be suitable for your business etc. As for accessing the money you might have to wire transfer it from the merchant account to the business account. The bank will charge a particular fee while setting up the account and they might charge a fee on each transaction .In case of an offshore merchant account the fees might be higher. It will take quite some time to set up the account because the bank will have to verify everything.


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