Dec 01

Cholesterol Lowering Statin Drug Fraud Exposed in Australia

The words “cholesterol-lowering statin drugs” seem to hold a great debate these days, with both sides of the fence shouting their case about whether or not they are safe. However, it was not until recently that the ABC news in Australia decided to do the unthinkable – and take on the “Big Pharma” over the accusations of organized crime within the industry.

Daring or not, the ABC decided to go where NO other mainstream media company had gone before – not even those in the U.S.A. have previously had the nerve to tackle the “mafia” and their “accused of frauds” that lay deep-rooted within the basement of the pharmaceutical industry in the U.S., and that may even go as high-up as government.

The investigative documentary:

Cardiologists who were interviewed revealed the frauds of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, and the huge criminal activity within the industry that has allowed this “dangerous class of drug” to become one of the best-selling drugs of all-time. Statements were made to the effect that NOT one single study of over 27 previously taken, showed that patients who take statins will actually live any longer than if they were not taken at all.

“A modern-day fraud is now coming-out into the open” it was proclaimed.

A week ago, in ABC Australia’s aired part-1 of “The Heart of the Matter” – Australia’s Emily Banks (top medicine safety expert) urged the ABC not to air the follow-up part-2 because it could be too intense a documentary for the users of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs – as she feared some users of statins may even start to dump them in the trash can (the critics most advised place-of-rest for such a fraudulent medicine) – resulting in likely deaths (?).

However, such scare tactics failed to change the minds of the makers of the documentary, and part-2 was aired. Over 40 million worldwide now take these types of medications that are used to lower cholesterol on the pretext of saving lives; however, it may all just be a “big farce” it was disclosed – as Dr. Maryanne Demasi put the multi-billion dollar drug industry under the microscope.

Conclusion: The information revealed that night, was not only powerful in the criticism of such drugs (and their failures), but also of the industry as a whole (and their criminal, mafia like activities which they seem to mutate in). Dr. Maryanne Demasi put the multi-billion dollar drug industry under the microscope, and asked – Who really benefits from taking cholesterol-lowering medication?

The answer seemed to be – NOT the patients who are prescribed them.


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