Aug 10

Become Happy Parents Through Scientific Means

This concept of donating eggs may seem alien and unconventional to many, raising quite a few conservative eyebrows. However if the cause is noble in helping a woman who cannot conceive it is considered good enough.

There are certain legalities and formalities to be gone through for this process which we shall read about now. Not all women who wish to donate their eggs are eligible. Only a chosen few, who can meet the technical requirements give their eggs to a fertility centre. There is a lot of paperwork involved as most fertility clinics maintain a database of the patients and the donors.

The formalities prior to and during the procedure

The people who are giving away their eggs need to appear for a number of interviews with the process coordinator in order to complete the formalities. Some consent forms also have to be signed in order to go ahead with the proceedings. The women who are donating the eggs have to be medically examined for gene testing. Keep in mind that the medical background should be absolutely clear and there should be no genetic disorders in your blood line. Mental counseling and stability is also a must in this aspect. If you feel that there has been any kind of psychological problems in your family, please don’t opt for the donation.

Now that the clinical and psychological reviews are through, the next stage commences for the process of ovulation. It means that the eggs need to be extracted from the patient’s body. After the tenure of monitoring and medication is done with, the patients are admitted to have in vitro fertilization. Before this, the eggs are taken to keep ready for the recipients.

More updates

The fertilization refers to the union of the patient’s spouse’s sperm with the egg in the scientific research centre or laboratory where the embryo development commences. If a great embryo is developed, the patient’s egg is made to freeze to be used at later dates. These are some of the basic updates about the egg donors and the procedures through which they need to undergo. A woman has to be mentally prepared for this kind of lengthy procedure which involves giving up a child, knowing the baby originated in her own body. So unless you are absolutely sure you can take the consequences, don’t opt for it. Else think a lot of times before you decide.

Relevant details

The cause is noble enough if you are helping a childless couple experience the joys of parenthood. You can read the articles and blogs on the internet and health journals if you are either way involved in this procedure. However remember that there are a lot of medical complications involved and in case you don’t get what you want, don’t lose heart. There are lots of other fertility centers for you to try.


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