May 27

Mushroom Nutrition And Mushroom Medicinal Benefits

The description of a mushroom is a “fruiting body of fungus plant containing spore generally appearing above ground”. This is the body which is typically eaten. The mushroom reproduction system uses spores similar to how other plants use seeds for reproduction. Mushrooms do not contain a root system and they do not have chlorophyll.

Mushrooms are fungi they are not plants. They also require very different growing conditions than plants require. Photosynthesis, a process where carbohydrates notably cellulose is converted from atmospheric carbon dioxide. Sunlight serves as the source of energy for plants and mushrooms receive their energy from the process of biochemical decomposition of the growth medium.

Light plays a part in the fruiting aspect of some mushrooms but growth is directly provided in the medium
So how do fungi obtain nutrition? They have a fine network of small microscope threads referred to as mycelium, which can cover a lot of distance over a medium such as soil, rotting wood or manure.

Characteristics of Fungi are more similar to yeasts and molds than of vegetable plant life. Mushrooms are part of the plant kingdom technically but by their make up and nature are very different.

How does a mushroom obtain nutrition from organic material? This is obtained in three different ways. They obtain nutrients by living on dead tissue of manure or living trees and also on dead wood.
They also attack living tissues or plants and obtain nutrients as a parasite. The third way they obtain nutrients is through a plant symbiotic relationship known as mycorrhizae.

Edible mushrooms have comparable nutrition of most vegetables. They contain generally the following nutrients:
*B Vitamins
*Vitamin A
*Vitamin D
*Vitamin K
*Linoleic acid

May 27

Health Benefits Of Bonsai Plants

Bonsai plants are unique, beautiful art forms. Those who own the trees and cultivate them are passionate about what they do. And that shows when people look at their amazing creations. Those who are investing in bonsai care are rewarded with more than just beautiful trees. They are given a stress reliever that other hobbies may not offer. Gardening has become a hot topic for stress relief and bonsai gardening is no exception. Working with nature, feeling the earth and plants brings one back to his of hers own nature.

Bonsai gardening can offer satisfaction beyond measure for those who are willing to invest their time into the art. As with most anything the amount of energy one puts into an activity the more one get out. A sense of accomplishment that may be missing in one’s everyday life can be realized from tending to a bonsai garden. or any other type of garden for that matter. Plants trees and shrubs can make a home look great and make a person more peaceful and fulfilled as well. By physically working in one’s garden they are taking a proactive step to a healthier lifestyle. Gardening therefore can be looked upon as a way to attain both internal (health and piece of mind) and external (garden, bonsai trees) health and beauty.

Bonsai plants require regular attention. You must be constantly concerned with the proper watering, fertilizing, and pruning. Unlike the plants trees and shrubs that stay outdoors, one must trim the roots of the bonsai’s. This is an art form, and just like painting, one can gain serenity and accomplishment by just stepping away from their everyday lives and enter into the peaceful world of their bonsai garden. This kind of gardening takes an enormous amount of patience, a characteristic that we desperately need

May 26

A Look at the Pharmacy Technician Pay Rate

The job of a pharmacy technician is usually considered to be well rewarding. The boom in pharmaceuticals industry and healthcare industry has created a much larger demand for pharmacy technicians in the industry. There are many work options for a pharmacy technician that pay him differently. Here is a look at the pharmacy technician pay rate being offered today.

Like any other technician, the pay rate of a pharmacy technician largely depends on two things, the experience earned and the amount of education received.

Let’s first talk about the experience. The pharmacy technicians are not paid very handsomely during their early years of employment. Usually, it depends upon the employer, but the average hourly rate for a technician with less than one year of experience is, $9.58 per hour.

If the technician has a good experience of one to four years, the average hourly rate can go up to $10.02. With an experience that ranges from five to nine years, the technician can earn up to, $12.28 per hour.

Therefore, it can be said that in the early stages of his employment a pharmacy technician can earn somewhere between $25 000 – $35 000 annually.

However, the pay rate changes for a pharmacy technician with an experience of ten to twenty years. Such a technician can earn $14.19 per hour. If the technician has an experience of more than 20 years, he/she can safely earn $15.20 per hour. This places the average salary for an experienced technician around $40,000 annually.

Another important factor that affects the pay rate of a pharmacy technician is the amount of education received by him. The one with a certificate can earn highly in the starting years itself. This is because the certificate proves that he possesses the required skills to perform his job efficiently.

Apart from the experience and education, the

May 25

Honeydew Fun Facts & Nutrition

Honeydew is a variety of muskmelon, considered the sweetest of all melons. They’re also called winter melons because they’re harvested late in the season, peaking during late summer, fall and winter, though honeydew is available almost the whole year round. Most of our U.S. honeydews come from Arizona, Texas or California with imported melons from Mexico taking up the slack during winter months.

Where did Honeydew originally come from?

No one is exactly sure the origin of honeydew but Persia is named the likely humble beginnings for this succulent melon. Columbus carried honeydew seeds to America and now it’s one of our favorite melons behind watermelon and cantaloupe.

How To Pick A Honeydew Melon:

Things you want to look for when picking out a perfectly ripe melon are no bruises, soft areas or cracks. Don’t bother shaking or hitting it, that won’t tell you anything. Sniff the stem end (which should be somewhat smooth): if you can smell it, then it’s ripe. Also, a ripe melon should be somewhat firm, if it’s a little soft that’s ok but if it’s very soft, put it back, it’s overripe.

Honeydew Nutrition:

Like other melons, honeydews contain a large amount of water and are happily quite low in calories. Additionally, they’re fat-free and cholesterol free. They’re also a great source of Vitamin C and potassium.

How To Store Honeydew Melon:

You can refrigerate cut honeydew in a covered container for up to three days. Make sure to keep it covered though, as the smell can mix with other foods thanks to its wonderful aromatic properties.

Want to keep that sweet taste of summer with you all year? No problem, you can easily freeze honeydew. Just slice it up, freeze it on a cookie sheet and place in freezer baggies. You can also add syrup or sugar if you

May 25

Tips On How To Choose The Right Pharmacy Tech Training Schools

Schools that offer pharmacy technician training programs can help individuals to acquire the important skills and knowledge that they need to work in this field. If you want to become a competitive and proficient individual in this profession, your choice of training school is important. But with various schools available, how can you choose the right one that can really help you reach your dreams?

The level of comprehensiveness of the training program should be considered. You should look into the time of completion a program requires.

– 6 months. Some programs can help you earn the skills and knowledge that you need in as little as 6 month through a diploma.

– One year. If you want to earn a certificate, you need to enroll in a 1-year training program for pharmacy technician.

– Two years. An associate’s degree can be completed for two years.

The program that you want will depend on how long you can finish it to help you get started working in this field. If you want a more in-depth training, however, you may choose the associate’s degree.

It is also important to verify the programs the school is offering before making a decision. You can check out the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists to find schools that offer accredited pharmacy technician training programs. Online search engines are also useful in helping you find the right school.

If you are working full-time but still want to complete training for this occupation, you might want to consider online training options. They offer flexible schedules and allow you to learn at your own pace. Plus, they are less costly than campus-based training. However, this option still requires you to undergo clinical training to experience how it feels to be working in a live setting and apply what you have learned.

How to

May 24

Major Medical Health Insurance Will Save You From Fiscal Catastrophe

Major medical health insurance, or the catastrophic plan, as some insurance agents call it, saves you from the catastrophe of paying high medical bills just in case you need medical attention, whether it incurs inside or outside of the hospital. This health insurance plan is a good option for consumers who do not want to pay for some part of the insurance coverage that they believe they dont really need. Low monthly premiums or payments and high deductibles are what this health insurance plan is all about. It comes with certain limitations or restrictions, but such policies usually cover coverage for health care in cases of extreme illness that require a huge amount of money, including the hospitalization.

Most major medical health insurance offers coverage on certain expenses such as surgeries, intensive care, lab tests, diagnostics, x-rays, and hospital stays, but may come with certain limits on room and board. Most of them also offer coverage on the professional fees of doctors, private nurses as well as the purchase or hospital rental of medical appliances. However, there are times that the coverage being offered does not come with coverage of prescription drugs and medicines as well as routine doctor visits. Thats why most insurance agent sell this type of plan in combination with a comprehensive health plan which has coverage for preventive care.

The best candidates for such insurance plan are the young adults who are in their 20s as well as adults that are between the age range of 50-65. Why them? Because most young adults at that age usually dont have a health insurance being offered by their employers or possibly because they are self-employed or are still studying and do not have a job. On the other hand, older adults that belong to the 50-65 age range

May 24

Online Pharmacy Elaborates on Why Online Prescription Pharmacy is a Must

Online prescription pharmacies offer a lot of advantages over the general stores thus, it gains so much of importance. Right from getting a prescription to buying prescription drugs online, getting medical advice to knowing the variety of medicines available in the same category, all these and a lot more can be done at your online drugstore. In countries like UK, USA and Canada the trend of online pharmacies is growing pace simply because it is available 24/7 and you do have to personally go and carry medicines. All you need to is just order and buy prescription medicine online and you will get them in hand within few days of time.

Whenever you will choose any prescription pharmacy online, you must cross check whether it will fulfill your purpose or not. The variety of health care products should be huge on your online drugstore. They must possess a certification from FDA or any other relevant authority. You must compare the prices and standard of various online pharmacies and then go with the best one among all. Similarly, also keep an eye on what all services do they offer along with providing medicines and health care products.

It is often seen that in spite of going on quality, people prefer to buy cheap drugs online which is just not advisable. One should always take proper medical advice and go for quality oriented products as it is all about your health and wellbeing.

Your online pharmacist must have flexible payment options so that you can easily transfer money and buy your product. Also, it is advisable that you consult a doctor before buying prescription drugs online. Thus, many online pharmacies offer online medical advice through experts as a safety measure. Once you are through with all these you can go and order

May 23

Dog Food Nutrition – How to Make Sur Your Pup is Eating Healthy

It is really important to read labels and pay attention to the nutrition information in dog food. Dogs are carnivores, which mean their diet should be made up mainly of meats. The basic percentages of dietary needs for dogs to ensure they get the nutrition they require is 60% meat, 40% fruits and vegetables. Some holistic recipes claim that grains are safe for dogs because a lot of the animals dogs eat in their natural diets have grains in their bellies. However, grains are probably the most common allergen for dogs. Also, most commercial dog foods, especially the cheaper ones, contain grains as the first ingredient.

There are many commercial dog foods that, when you read the labels, you will notice that they contain bone/meat meal and no actual real meat. A lot of times commercial dog foods will contain meat by-products such as hooves, eyes, beaks, skin, fur, feathers and other items that you really wouldn’t want in your dog’s belly. Dog food nutrition is really important. Making sure your dog has a well balanced diet makes sure your dog will stay healthy, strong and live well. Avoiding meat by-products, corn products, grains, animal fats and bone meal in food you feed your dog. g.

Making your own dog food gives you the control to ensure your dog gets the nutrition in food that he/she needs to stay healthy. It is easy to make your own dog food. You can make sure to give your dog the balanced diet he/she needs. Most of the recipes for homemade dog foods can be made using common household items that you probably already have in your home. Make sure to avoid food items that are harmful to all pets such as onions, caffeine, chocolate, grapes and bones. All homemade dog food

May 22

How to Opt an Online Pharmacy

So, you are finally decided to try online pharmacy, but when you start your search for online pharmacy on the internet, you see there are lots of online pharmacy websites out there. And worry about which one to opt.

There are lots of things which you have to check before selecting any online pharmacy, make sure that you choose the right one that’s best for you and your wants. Here are some points, which you should

Search for sophisticated websites
The online pharmacy website should have proper navigation so everyone can see what they want. It should be user friendly and seems to be up-to-date. You can select this kind of websites. Unreliable sites are generally not so deeply managed and will have a less sophisticated feel.

Search for a site with information
Look for those websites that have information about the drugs including product price, offers, information about drug, what’s in stock and all kind of information about drugs. There are some online pharmacy websites that provide articles and other information to be their customers up-to-date.

Check the Prices
While some prices on prescription medications are set-in-stone, for the most part, others are negotiated by the online pharmacy. So, the price of a prescription such as medicine can vary from one online pharmacy to another. Though the lowest price isn’t always the way to go, it’s definitely something to think.

Check out the encryption info.
Any time you are asked for your credit card or bank account information, the merchant should offer you data on the type of encryption used. (At the minimum, the site should assure you that it IS used.) That way, you’ll know that security runs high at that online pharmacy.

Do a search on the company
Never heard of the online pharmacy before? That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not

May 20

Use Best Pharmacy Computer Systems To Manage The Pharmacy Business

In the pharmacy field, there have been many challenges which have introduced new things which provide smoother work in this field. One of the things which have simplified the works involved in this field is pharmacy automation. The automation of the pharmacy is considered to be an important thing for a number of reasons. The pharmacy industry has seen an extensive growth due to its automation. The technology and software which are used here have helped in the growth of the pharmacy industry. There are many companies which offer automation services for pharmacy, so it is very important to choose the best automation service provider who can provide effective automation services as per the needs of the clients.

If you are the one who need these systems, then you can go for the Pharmacy Computer Systems which can help in providing best solutions for all your needs. These systems can help in providing smooth functions involved in all the computer systems. The systems you will get here are considered to be user friendly, robust and are capable of providing affordable solutions for all your needs. These cutting edge systems are very easy to use and are very good for independent pharmacies. The systems are highly in demand because of the ease they provide to the user. These systems provide accurate results to the user, which is the reason that they are widely in use.

The use of the automation systems in pharmacy has increased in the recent years. The sole reason is that it has made the work very easier. In addition to this, these systems have increased the productivity of the pharmacy industry. With the help of Pharmacy Computer Systems, you can make better reports which give 100 percent accuracy. Moreover, it has provided an excellent support system to the employees

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